Dieter Cöllen

The art of Dieter Cöllen to admire throughout Germany and also abroad, it's described in newspapers and catalogs and art collections. They are to find in the collections of art and the ancient art lovers.

Dieter Cöllens art is unique in the world: He builds since 25 years cork models of ancient buildings. He's the last representatives of a great ancient profession he is dealing with a huge demand from around the world: museums, exhibitions, and private collectors are interested in his outstanding work. In the following video he tells "Natürlich Kork" what is important to him:

Since the beginning of the eighties I have been producing architectural objects in creative cooperation with my clients. In the nineties my interest in discovering new materials and techniques led me to the old and, until then, forgotten art of modeling with cork. Through scientific research, studies of ancient objects and last, but not least, thanks to my experience of architectural modeling I managed to uncover the secrets of phelloplasty (cork modeling) which had been guarded closely by the old masters and to develop its tradition further whilst setting high demands on craftsmanship and artistic skill. To this day several cork models of historic architecture have been created, including works of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian architecture. I have also incorporated the cork ruins of Roman buildings in my creation of models of modern architecture. Cork lends itself to the production of models of architectural objects of many different materials.